14 mai 2015


                 I am that kind of person who will not preach before doing and really following my words. In a world, full of people who 'preach' what is good and how you should live your own life, I found myself not wanting to listen or obey those people who were preaching. Why I didn't want to obey or follow? Simply because they were not following themselves what they were preaching. I was thinking how to start this post. I think this quote would describe best what I want to talk about:

'He who asks of life nothing but the improvement of his own nature ... is less liable than anyone else to miss and waste life.Henri Frederic Amiel

            CLOTHES, PRODUCTS, etc

         Right now exists this trend of buying and having a lot of things. People are always unsatisfied with what they have and keep shopping like their hapinness depends on the things they will buy. A lot of people also want to show off, what big brands they have. I say, it is good to have a good quality clothing, but buying a Louis Vuitton bag, will give you only momentarily happiness. You will get bored with it, anyway. Then why not buy something classic that will keep you long and you won't have to worry about buying the latest trend because your clothes are from the last year style? And since when leather, fur and wool has become a trend?  Leather is not better, more durable or whatever. 
       Then, there is also this obsession with makeup and skincare. First of all, there are so many chemicals absorbing the creams in our body and we decide to buy it? Why not use natural products, which are safer, not to mention better. 
       I hope somebody reads and tries to make a change. Even if one reads and changes, that person will inspire others, and so on.
       The picture is from http://thetinylife.com/tag/consumerism/

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